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Shard Capital Outlook for coming decade

Bill Blain examines the 7 major Themes likely to face markets over the coming decade

Porridge Lite-Bite - Nov 20th

What's going wrong at Boeing and how it impacts aviation investments. Its not just the 737 Max - Boeing is a company that's made mistakes that defy gravity!  

Porridge lite bite - Nov 8th 2019

The current stock market melt-up is founded on optimism about a trade deal - but its merely an accomodation and raises the likelihood of a bond market meltdown causing a crisis. 

Porridge Lite Bite - Nov 7th 2019

Aramco - Why the IPO is likely to struggle and what it says about the future for Saudi.

Porridge Bites - Nov 5th 2019

How the Global Automotive Industry is changing the global economy. China and the US likely to prove winners as new supply chains develops and the US will also see a boost from a resurgent Military Industrial Complex