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Shard Strategist Bill Blain explains why the EU’s new Euro €500bn recovery fund is a political compromise that won’t solve Europe’s chronic under-performance, but will simply maintain the illusion Europe is committed to unity and growth, while further centralising power in Brussels.

Litebite - GErman Court Bombs EUropE and ECB - May 6th 2020

Germany's Constitutional Court lobs a hand-grenade into the ECB's QE plans and sinks hopes of a unified European response to bail out Italy and Southern Europe. Euro members are effectively trapped in the Euro - which is killing their economies. 

Litebite - Marx Wins as Boeing illustrates everthing wrong

Boeing’s new $25bn bond issue illustrates how markets are simply arbitraging Central Banks' QE Infinity bailout. Bill concludes Karl Marx will be laughing at the failure of Capitalism and market greed.

Litebite - In Bonds there is Truth 28 Apr

In Bonds There is Truth - Bill Blain explains how QE Infinity (QEI) and corporate bonds have consequences for all financial assets. The disconnect between the expectations of economic downturn versus the rally in financial assets is widening.  This is only partially due to the Coronavirus peaking and the moves to ease lockdown. Its largely due to the success of QEI and other government support programmes distorting markets. 

LiteBite - 17th April 2020

Bill Blain looks ahead to how the global economy is likely to change and adapt as it reopens. At the Macro level, it’s going to raise issues for some economies and regions, create major tensions for some sectors and individual stocks, but offer some great opportunities for others. 

Video - Litebite - April 7th 2020

Bill Blain explains how euphoric markets are dangerously ahead of the dismal economic reality, stock and corporate bond markets have been fuelled by QE infinity, and hopes the C-19 crisis can be quickly resolved.   Bill suggests there will be months of slowdown before containment measures can be significantly eased, while the global economy heads into a massive dip, and potentially even depression.SHOW MORE

Ishka - Aviation Webinar

Bill Blain discusses aviation industry in the wake of the Coronavirus..

Porridge Lite-Bite - April 1 2020

In this week's Financial Lite-Bite, Bill describes the gap between the market’s short-term positive reaction to government stimulus packages and QE infinity, and the mid-long term damage that will likely drag the global economy into recession, and even a full scale depression!

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The End of Capitalism?

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Coronavirus and the Economy

Shard Capital Outlook for coming decade

Bill Blain examines the 7 major Themes likely to face markets over the coming decade

Porridge Lite-Bite - Nov 20th

What's going wrong at Boeing and how it impacts aviation investments. Its not just the 737 Max - Boeing is a company that's made mistakes that defy gravity!  

Porridge lite bite - Nov 8th 2019

The current stock market melt-up is founded on optimism about a trade deal - but its merely an accomodation and raises the likelihood of a bond market meltdown causing a crisis. 

Porridge Lite Bite - Nov 7th 2019

Aramco - Why the IPO is likely to struggle and what it says about the future for Saudi.

Porridge Bites - Nov 5th 2019

How the Global Automotive Industry is changing the global economy. China and the US likely to prove winners as new supply chains develops and the US will also see a boost from a resurgent Military Industrial Complex