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The Fifth Horseman

The Fifth Horseman. (The link takes you to the Amazon Kindle page.) 

The book is a Polemic: who to blame for the ongoing destruction of the global economy. Most market histories are awfully dull affairs, so I tried to make this more interesting: 

  • Hell’s Top Banker, TJ Wormwood, managed the global crisis of 2007/08. It’s been so successful he’s looking to extend the programme. His latest “wheeze” to keep up the fear and uncertainty is to introduce a new Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse – “Financial Meltdown”. 
  • As revealed in a series of hacked emails to his boss, Wormwood has orchestrated a whole series of flawed polices and themes including quantitative easing, over-hasty financial regulation, austerity government spending, political weakness and populism. These have triggered all kinds of unintended consequences ranging from a complete rift between the deflationary real economy and the inflated bubbles in financial assets, rising wealth inequality as the rich get phenomenally wealthy while the poor are subjugated under crushing debt and the GIG economy percolating upwards, declining health and social wellbeing, protectionism and the end of Free Trade – which keeps governments distracted from growing environmental threats. 
  • And all Wormwood has had to do to achieve it is whisper in the right ears… 
  • Even better are some of the new policies he’s encouraging, like crypto, Modern Monetary Theory, trade wars and further regulation to crush market liquidity. The plan is doing very well – financial meltdown is on the horizon while fear, uncertainty and instability dominate activity. The only threat is the slender possibility mankind might work out how to stop it… and then he’s got an even better plan… 
  • The book is available on Amazon Kindle or Paperback. Bear in mind you get the Porridge for free most days, so for less than the price of a couple of pints The Fifth Horseman will amuse, inform and infuriate you! Please post a review if you buy it – there will be launch party soon!




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5.0 out of 5 stars  

Excellent read

18 July 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Cuts to the chase in a clever, enlightening and amusing way. Highly recommend. Looking forward to the next one.....

Mr King

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Addresses the major economic issues of our time succinctly and without patronising the reader

21 July 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Rather depressingly the explanation of the current situation rather suggests that the book's conclusion is somewhat inevitable even without the devil's work!

Mrs Monique Foster

5.0 out of 5 stars

Essential reading!

9 July 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

So well written and entertaining. Short story telling you exactly how it goes. Especially timely when Deutsche global cull of 18,000 staff begins. This is only the beginning ....