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FT – Korea’s yield-seeking pensioners are shaking markets

WSJ – EU Threatens Italy for Flouting Budget Rules

FT – Fiat Chrysler withdraws €33bln Renault merger offer

WSJ – Inside the Effort to Fix the Troubled Boeing 737 MAX

FT – St James Place delivers devasting blow to Woodford 

ZH – Drukenmiller Dumps All His Stocks, Piles Into Treasurites Expecting Rates to hit Zero

FT - Hargreaves Lansdown Hit by Woodford Woes

WSJ – Deutsche Bank Funding Costs Subdued Despite Share Price Slide

BBerg – Apple Just Announced It’s Selling a Max Monitor Stand for $999

FT – From bean to cup, what goes into the cost your coffee?

FT – Why Taiwan poses a threat to the US Bond Market

BusinessWeek – Wall Street Is Desperate for Wonks Who Can Explain the Rise of Populism

FT - Morgan Stanley warns on growing risk of US market downturn

FT – Global stocks slip as trade tensions escalate

Forbes – History Tells Us Why The Fed Should Take The Inverted Yield Curve Seriously 

SCMP – Has Asia’s commercial property bull market peaked? Here are three reasons to suggest it has further to run

FT – Blackstone seals record $18.7 bln private real estate deal

Bberg – World’s Longest Flight to Be Even Less Comfortable Than Expected

WSJ – Softbank Faces Challenges Raising Latest $100 Billion Fund

WSJ – Plunging Yields Expose Sorry State of European Banks

Thunderer – Lendy’s collapse like watching a “slow motion car crash”

FT – Bond market is yelling rate cut but Fed unlikely to listen

Zerohedge – Domino 2: Chinese Bank with $105 bln in Assets on Verge of collapse (following Baoshang failure.) 

FT – Gold hits two-month high as stock markets fall

FT – Aviva’s confused plan will show that breaking up is hard to do

Thunderer – UK Manufacturing sector contracts after stockpiling frenzy

FT – Britain is now stranded in Brexit Limbo

FT – UK Politics: the epic fight to the Brexit finish line

FT - Brexit party’s storming victory ramps up no-deal pressure

Forbes – China’s Richest Start Leaving As the Trade War Escalates

FT – Pollution: the race to clean up the shipping industry




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