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Boeing - 737 Max


 Until investigation of Ethiopian Crash is Complete, its all just speculation, but Boeing in the sights...

Prosecutors, US DOT Scrutinise 737 MAX's Development

WSJ - 

Boeing Had Too Much Sway in Vetting Own Jets, FAA was told 

The Best Analysis of What Really Happened to the Boeing 737 Max from a Pilot & Software Engineer

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We have to talk about Kevin....


What will it take to push May's Brexit deal over the line? 

FT - 

Theresa May woos Brexiteers but still faces defeat in third vote on deal

Thunderer - 

Oh **UK! What next for Brexit

Economist - 

Rees-Mogg Says Bad Deal Better Than Staying in UK: Brexit Update

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Commerzbank and Deutsche begin merger talks

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France Vows Crackdown After Protests Again Turn Violent

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Fed Officials Wrestle With A "Dot Plot" Dilemma

WSJ - 

Rubicon Fund Management shuts its flagship hedge fund

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Italian olive oil squeezed as disease and frost decimates crops

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Bill's recent article for Aviation Life - Sailing and Flying


Blain Speaks....

13 March 2019 

Global Market Update

Explaining Brexit - The Treaty of Westphalia

This best explains the complexity of European negotiations...