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Important stuff - Cheese at Christmas!

How to make the best Christmas Cheeseboard

Anyone putting cranberry infused Cheddar or salted-caramel Wensleydale on the Christmas table should be boiled in their own soup!

Story of the Week - Brexit - what are the chances of a deal?


Theresa May's attempt to rescue Brexit Deal snubbed by EU leaders..

What a surprise... 

What's gone wrong in France? Paris vs the Rest?


Ségolène Royal: ‘It’s quite simple, the French people have had enough of taxes’ 

Lunch with the FT - always well worth a read.... 

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What's in the News:

Central Banks assess next steps as ECB joins retreat from QE

Wheels Come Off Leverage Loan Market: Banks Unable To Offload Loans Amid Record Outflows

Zerohedge -

Stocks Falter as Chinese Economy Feels Trade Pressure 


Pound Steadies as Theresa May heads to Brussels

FT -

Cohen Sentencing, Tabloid Deal Intensify Spotlight on Trump


Branson's plans for Virgin Galatic hinge on key space flight

FT -

Global Stocks Drift Higher on Trade Optimism

Italy promises budget cuts to avoid EU sanctions

FT -

The Noose Tightens Around The EU's Neck

Zerohedge -

US-China Trade Tension Adds To Global Slowdown Fears  

Deutsche and Commerzbank: A mistaken Merger of Two Fading Financials

Forbes -

We have paved the way for the next financial crisis

City AM

Excellent article! 

Outrageous Predictions 2019 

You Can''t beat this for fun, and also great thinking!





Blain Speaks....


Global Market Update

Explaining Brexit - The Treaty of Westphalia

This best explains the complexity of European negotiations...