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Italy... what can possibly go wrong? 10-yr BTPs and 10-yr Bund Yields


3 stories and 1 Debt Clock that sum up the Italian Problem

Why Italy's Debts are Europe's Big Problem

BBerg -

Italy sees record investor demand for 30-year debt

FT -


Roger Bootle - Crisis Brewing in Italy will lead to default, exit from the Euro, or both

Torygraph -

Italy Debt Clock:

A brief history of Britain's engagement with Yoorp


The 9 times Britain has left Europe and why the cycle will happen again.

Amazon ain't the King of Queens


What does it all mean for an increasingly torn looking US? Radical activism vs Jobs sounds like a loser, but...

Bill de Blasio: The Path Amazon Rejected

The political game behind Amazon's retreat from New York

FT -

Amazon's Retreat on New York HQ followed unexpected backlash


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Key Investors Are Unhappy With Softbank Tech-Investment Fund


Apple's Executive Shake-up Readies Company for Life After iPhone


Yay, now it's our turn to call people traitors, confirms Labour

DM -

What A Way To Go? Hackers Can Turn Sex Robots Into Killing Machines, Security Expert Warns

ZH -

In a Volatile World, Europe Struggles to Find its Voice


How worried should we be about a US economic slowdown?

FT -

Worry About Debt? Not so Fast, Some Economists Say


German Regulator banks shorting of Wildcard shares

FT -

Global Stocks Edge Higher as US-China Trade Talks Progress

Bill Gates: Best Option For Soaking The Rich Would Be Hiking Capital Gains Tax

ZH -

GE Powered ther American Century - Then It Burned Out


Top Investors call on Deutsche Bank to cut back US investment bank

FT -

Airbus to retire the A380, the Superjumbo That Never Quite Took Off

Europe faces a reckoning as "the bezzle" bites QE

It is time to worry about Germany's Economy

Economist -





Blain Speaks....


Global Market Update

Apple Worries, Fed Patience, Central Banks and other woes. 

Explaining Brexit - The Treaty of Westphalia

This best explains the complexity of European negotiations...