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EFC - Morning Coffee: How Robots are putting junior analysts on an island. Paychecks are shrinking.    



FT – MPs must save the UK from Johnson’s no-deal Brexit Folly

WSJ – Bolton Says US Strongly Backs Brexit Even if No EU Deal is Reached

FT – MPs prepare for Brexit showdown on September 9th

Gruniad – Boris Johnson talks tough but still hasn’t said what he’s doing to get a Brexit deal


FT – Short Bets against sterling rise to highest in more than two years

FT – What next for the renminbi’s trajectory? 

BBerg – The Dollar Looks Like a Wrecking Ball to Some Investors



BBerg – Salvini Outlines Plan of Attach With Italian Government in Chaos

FT – Italy: Conte meets with Italian President as coalition spat intensifies

ZH – Italy on the Brink: Bonds Tumble as Salvini issues Ultimatum


Torygraph – No Deal Lorry Mayhem at Dover and Calais? “C’est le Bulls**t” says French Port Chief 

Gruniad – Labour exploring rapid no-confidence vote in PM in early September

Torygraph - Boris Favourite Gerard Lyons on the Bank of England after Brexit: “We must close the pessimism gap”

Thunderer – Labour and SNP hint at pact to oust Boris before no-deal Brexit


FT – Summer of Fear – Braced for the Global Downturn, Rana Foroohar

FT – Shrinking UK Economy is a Brexit Warning

ZH – Germany Stalls and Europe CratersBberg - Germany’s Workers Are About to Feel the Impact of the Trade Storm

Bberg – World Economy Edges Closer to a Recession as Trade Fears Spread



BBerg – After Crushing the London Whale, a Hedge-Fund Star Lost his Way

BBerg – Hong Kong Cancels All Monday Flights After Protestors Swarm Airport

FT – US-China Trade War Data belie Donald Trump’s bragging

WSJ - Epstein’s Death Sparks Probe, Shift Spotlight to Associates

WSJ – Conspiracy Theories Fly Online in Wake of Epstein Death

WSJ – Once-Unpopular Carbon Credits Emerge as One of the World’s Best Investments

Gruniad - Ecological Grief – Greenland Residents Traumatised by Climate Emergency

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BBerg – The Rise of the Professional Dungeon Master




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25 March 2019 

Global Market Update

Explaining Brexit - The Treaty of Westphalia

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