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The Women who could save Europe?


Europe - The Next Stage  


FT – Ursula von der Leyen survives tight vote to win EU top job

Not an easy task ahead of her. Does not change reality that Europe will be Germany – France discussion. 


Gruniad – Christine Lagarde will have to confront Berlin if she’s to save the Euro

Varoufakis discussed the challenge for the ECB: ditching the Eurozone’ “suicidal financial rules”. 

Deutsche Bank


Trump Shocker


WSJ – House Passes Resolution Condemning Trump Tweets as Racist

Playing politics is not going to solve the fact Trump has uncorked the bottle… 


Thunderer – Parties with the Famous kept Epstein afloat

Wow: “We are about to witness the exposure of a sordid scandal that will lay bare the rotten core of American high life.”

US Jobs Report Stronger than Expected


We are all doomed - probably... 


WSJ – Consumer Lending Powers Big-Bank Earnings, Upstaging Wall Street

The US economy isn’t in that bad shape – and low rates are pushing consumer boom! 

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FT – Pound under renewed pressure on growing concern over chaotic Brexit

Lets face it – months of uncertainty ahead of no obvious Brexit solution and a likely general election – sell sterling and wait!

And the rest: 


FT – Does investing in emerging markets still make sense?

As soon as analysts say something is over, that’s the time to start thinking about them again! 😊 


 Bberg – Elon Musk’s Neuralink Says It’s Ready for Brain Surgery

Wow. After the success of his solar roofs, Tesla, tunnels and sending a car to mars… Open up my head and insert a chip. What’s not to like?  

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The Job I really want: 

BBerg – The Rise of the Professional Dungeon Master




Bill's recent article for Aviation Life - Sailing and Flying


Blain Speaks....

25 March 2019 

Global Market Update

Explaining Brexit - The Treaty of Westphalia

This best explains the complexity of European negotiations...