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Shard Capital Podcast: What happened with SVB, and what now? - 15th March 2023

Bill Blain, Strategist and Head of Alternative Assets is joined by Ernst Knacke as they discuss what exactly happened to Silicon Valley Bank and why markets have been affected by it.

alking AI with Sure Valley Ventures podcast header image

Shard Capital Podcast: Talking AI with Sure Valley Ventures - 9th March 2023

In this week's Shard Capital Lite-Bite Podcast, Bill Blain and Julian Wheeler from Shard Capital host a discussion on the impact of AI on big tech companies.

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Shard Capital Podcast: Semiconductors? - 2nd March 2023

In this week's podcast, Ernst Knacke, Jacky NG and Julian from Shard Capital dive into the world of semiconductors, a vital component of modern technology.

Shard Capital Podcast: Volatility... Friend or foe? - 23rd February 2023

Bill Blain, Mike Hollings & Richard Bacon explore investment strategies to navigate the choppy waters of volatility.

Shard Capital Podcast: Emerging Markets - Once the bridesmaid, now the bride? - 15th February 2023

Bill Blain is joined by Mike Hollings, Partner at Shard Capital, and Ernst Knacke, Head of Research at Shard Capital, to discuss the opportunities to invest in emerging markets.

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Shard Capital Podcast: Investing in China in 2023...

- 3rd February 2023

Shard Capital's podcast explores investing in China 2023 post-pandemic. Gain insights on reopening, COVID lockdowns, opportunities & risks.

Shard Capital Podcast: In Gold we trust...

- 26th January 2023

Bill Blain interviews Head of Commodities and FX, Ashley Boolell and Head of Research, Ernst Knacke on their thoughts on the role precious metals can play in portfolios over the next decade.

Shard Capital Podcast: Recession... or not? - 13th January 2023

In this week's podcast we ask the question "will there be a recession, or not?". We also deliberate on what is likely in store for 2023.

Shard Capital Podcast: Bill Blain vs ChatGPT on investing in Alternative Assets - 13th January 2023

Neil Williams and Bill Blain explores the topic everyone seems to be talking about: Microsoft's intention to invest a further $10 Billion in ChatGPT.

Shard Capital Podcast: Building a portfolio for 2023

- 20th December 2022

Bill Blain interviews Neil Williams to help bring together the forecasts from last week’s episode with what he thinks investors should be considering when constructing a portfolio to weather 2023.

Shard Capital Podcast: 2023 Market Outlook

- 12th December 2022

Bill Blain, Strategist and Head of Alternative Assets gathers the market forecasters and industry experts to discuss the market outlooks for 2023.

Shard Capital Podcast: What's in store for big-tech?

- 1st December 2022

Bill Blain & Julian Wheeler talk about what's in store for the big-tech companies, and what investors should consider.

Shard Capital Podcast: Exploring The Carbon Credits Market - 24th November 2022

Neil Williams, the team at Shard Capital and Peter Sermol from innaeus Environmental discuss the Carbon Credits Market, what it is, why it exists, and for whom.

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Shard Capital Podcast: Is Auto Financing the next trigger that is hiding in plain sight? - 17th November 2022

Richard Bacon, Julian Wheeler and Ernst Knacke focus on auto-financingBut is 10K here and 30K there enough of an issue to threaten the financial system?

What do investors have to look forward to in the 44 Days before Christmas? - 10th November 2022

Neil William gives Bill Blain the chance to release his frustrations on the UK, whilst Mike & Ernst pick out the opportunities that exist.

Sources of Inflation Protected Income - 4th November 2022

Bill Blain, Ernst Knacke, Mike Hollings and Neil Williams discuss the current upsurge in inflation, and explore options on where to find additional income in portfolios.

Shard Capital Podcast: UK Politics and Policy Errors

Advertising is Evolving - 27th October 2022

Bill Blain, Julian Wheeler and Ernst the advertising market, and the big moves that are happening which could potentially change the game as we know it.

UK Politics and Policy Errors - 21st October 2022

Neil Williams, Bill Blain, Mike Hollings and Ernst Knacke discuss the state of UK politics, how the bleak outlook for the UK economy compares to the economies of other developed countries, as well as the opportunities that investors should be considering in their portfolios.

Shard Capital Podcast Liquidity Risk in the Bond Markets header image
Shard Capital Podcast The Opportunity Cost header image

Liquidity Risk in the Bond Markets - 12th October 2022

Neil Williams, Partner at Shard Capital and LeifBridge, interviews Bill Blain, Strategist and Head of Alternative Assets, and Mike Hollings, Chief Investment Officer on the current cracks being seen across the financial markets.

The Opportunity Cost - 6th October 2022

Richard Bacon and Ernst Knacke from Shard Capital and LeifBridge continue their conversation about the rise of Model Portfolio Service (MPS) solutions and the potential risks they carry.