Blain's Financial Porridge

Each week Bill Blain covers the main Macro and Micro themes moving markets, and gives his own take on what to watch for. 

New Episode - Blain's Financial Porridge - August 9th 2019 :

 Bill Blain talks through the current market volatility triggered by trade wars, recessionary threats, inverted yield curves, equity crashes and geopolitics. Its dangerous out there, but we are in thin summer markets. Bill picks 4 stocks that could trigger systemic and deeper market shocks. 
Global bond markets have moved from madness into the "Euphoric" stage, begging questions about how vulnerable to correction they are, and can governments use bond markets to reflate economies in the face of investor concerns. Bonds look unbalanced! 
Confidence in Argentina collapsed last week on the back of a market friendly government enacting IMF polices failing at the polls. Are there lessons from Argentina's experience for former IMF head Christine Legarde to bring to her new role heading the ECB? 
Finally trade wars are pushing the world into recession, but China is demonstrating resilience to Trump. Perhaps he has to find someone else to bully? Look out Germany and Europe! 

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