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Blain's Financial Porridge - Decade Outlook - December 23rd 2019 :



1) Market Distortion – how long can central banks keep juicing the party?

2) New Opportunities – how with a new industrial revolution in tech, pharma, health and climate cure change markets?

3) Politics will continue to dominate – what are the risks of political failure?

4) Debt Crisis Risks

5) Geopolitical Risks increasing

6) ESG and Sustainability

7) Climate Change

The two big market narratives will revolve around:

· Can the market distortions of the last 10-years be unwound without triggering an even greater crisis – are we trapped in repressed markets? 

· Global Debt Crisis looks increasingly likely as governments step up borrowing and corporates look to paydown the debt binge of the 2010s. The final crisis may come from personal debt.


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