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Five things to read this morning


Nov 25th

FT – Paris promises unique trade deal if UK plays fair

FT – Is Germany’s economy over the worst? 

BBerg - Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Forces Bolstered by Huge Election Win

Barrons – Mike Bloomberg is the Stock Markets favourite Democrat for President

WSJ – “Food is the Ultimate Power”; Parched Countries tap the Nile River through Farms

Nov 22nd

BBerg – Citi Tells UK to Make a Decision on Brexit as Jobs are Pondered

BBerg – Battery Giants hit by slump in China’s Electric Vehicle Market

WSJ – Fiona Hill Pushes Back on Theory of Ukraine Election Interference

WSJ – Emerging Markets Losses Hit EM Fund

FT – Bond Markets no longer care very much about deficits

Nov 20th 

WSJ – Stalled US-China Trade Talks Raise Threat of Another Impasse

WSJ – Tech Stocks Head Towards Best Year Since 2009

BBerg – Helicopter Money Might Be The ECB’s Best and Worst Options

FT – HSBC set to replace investment banking chief

FT – Conservative Party’s “Factcheck UK” Twitter Stunt backfires

Nov 19th   

FT – Corbyn must hope for minority government, say backers

FT – WeWork effect hits IPOs as investors hold out for better deal

WSJ – Value Stocks are Back in Vogue, for Now

WSJ – TikTok Looking at Ways to Shake Off Its Ties to China

BBerg – Ford Unveils Electric Mustang SUV to Challenge Tesla Dominance

Nov 18th

FT – Credit market fears of a downgrade have not materialised

WSJ – Cyclical Shares Propel Stock Market to Latest Milestone

WSJ – FAA Chief Explores Overhaul of Plane Approvals After 737 Max Crashes

BBerg – Saudi Cuts Aramco Valuation, Boosts Loans to Get IPO Done

Indy – Jennifer Arcuri turns on Boris and warns she has been “keeping his secrets”