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Five things to read this morning



26th Feb

Bloomberg – Lebanon Faces a $50 Billion Hole Even Beyond its Eurobonds

FT – China eases quarantine and lays on transport to get people back to work

WSJ – Rivals Focus on Sanders at South Carolina Debate

ZH – Hong Kong Embraces Helicopter Money – Govt Gives Every Adult Citizen HK10,000

The Atlantic – You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus

25th Feb

Zerohedge – 8000 Californians under quaranting, 50 Iranian dead, Korea Lockdown: updates

FT – Coronavirus Stock sell-off eases as Wall Street Futures rise

BBerg – A Global Pandemic Could Cost $1 Trillion

WSJ – Coronavirus’s Global Spread May Not Be Contained, WHO says

CNBC – Turnaround Tuesday? Stocks Tend to bounce back quickly from market drops like this one

24th Feb


FT – Wanted: new chief executive for Norway’s $1.2 trillion oil fund

BBerg – Coronavirus May Be “Disease X” Health Experts Warned About

BBerg – China Pushes Factories to Reopen, Risking Renewed Virus Spread

WSJ – Swiss Franc Climbs Against Euro, Leaving Central Bank in Bind

Torygraph – IMF warns Covid19 threatens global economic recovery as markets brace for turbulent trading.

A No-Sh*t Sherlock Award goes to the Daily Torygraph – “The Stock Market May Catch a Cold from Coronavirus.” Worth a read tho!

17 Feb

Bloomberg – UK Bond Vigilantes: Saddle Up!

Bloomberg – Tesla Belin Factory Risks Months Long Legal Delay over Wildlife

WSJ – Kraft Bonds Tumble After Downgrades to Junk Rating

BBC – Dominic Cummings and the Battle for Downing Street

Efinancial Careers: HSBC’s High Earner Hit List