The Return of Blain’s Morning Porridge – Monday 15th October..

The Return of the Morning Porridge

Blain’s Morning Porridge – Monday, October 15th 2018

I’m delighted to announce I’m back in the market – I’ve joined Shard Capital as Strategist. Take a look at our website:

My main role will be client driven research and commentary on the major drivers of the international markets. I’ll also be looking at financing for Alternative Assets, and the problems for legacy bonds in terms of increasingly illiquid markets.

Due to the regulatory minefield enveloping anything that might be construed as commentary likely to induce readers to trade with me, and the discouragement of unasked for emails designed to suck unwary investors into financial destruction, we’ve taken the decision to make the Morning Porridge independent! is the beta version website of the new independent commentary. The Morning Porridge will still be emailed to existing subscribers and posted on the site.

The New Extra-Healthy Morning Porridge will remain a daily(ish) free-form rant. I’ll try to highlight where the dangers lie and where the gold is buried. Its formed from listening to clients and colleagues – and plundering concepts from other publications. I’ll be adding more ideas on how to play the market themes.

Expect the usual mix of broad macro and micro trends in bonds, stocks, currencies and commodities, threats and opportunities, plus my own take on esoteric assets – including bank capital, mezz and  preferred debt, asset-backed deals, loans, Alternative Investments, and anything else the investment bank sales desks simply don’t get anymore….

Best Regards

Bill Blain

Shard Capital

0207 186 9902