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Interest Rate Scenarios: Stick with the Normalisation Cure, or another Puff of QE Skunk?

Expectations of early interest rate cuts are high, especially as recession signals are set to rise through Q1 2024. Will Central Banks stay the course and normalise interest rates, or will be take the easy option of further low interest rate distortion?

Some of Charlie Munger’s Genius Investment Quotes – And why bonds won’t get much better!

Charlie Munger has left us a deep well of investment advice – pithy quotes we can all learn from. Pay attention and remain deeply, deeply sceptical. Meanwhile, the fact bond rates are falling does not mean the global economy is fixed. It means trouble ahead.

Saving the Planet from Farm to Ferm

What matters more; a new smart-phone or food security? Spending billions developing AI to make life more confusing, or improving the environment and social cohesion? Science and Technology can address humanity’s biggest problems – but how do we ensure they are focused on the right ones?

What next in the Economic War against the West?

The Gods of Chaos have brought together an alliance to bring down the West. If its not the weather, it will be Russia, Gas prices, the Middle East and Oil, or maybe the prime global commodity – Chips – is the next thing they will target. I'm staying long Gold.