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Markets may be in for Stormy Second Half – Could low pressure in CLOs threaten to turn Cyclonic?

Many think Markets are set fair for the second half of 2023 – but what if a mighty depression is brewing out there in the ocean of corporate debt? I am looking at the glass (barometer for the non-nautical) falling and at the CLO market in particular. There may be a storm brewing.

Half Time Score – how is 2023 likely to shape up for markets?

Markets have been far more positive than expected in 2023 – thus far. There is still much uncertainty out there, but what is the market missing? I have two particular under-played threats to watch – corporate debt and social unrest.

The Long and the Short and the Tall of trying to figure out investment strategies.

Markets are focused on the immediate debt-ceiling crisis, and the short-term game of guessing rates vs inflation. Down the line are the bigger challenges of the medium and long-term: issues we need to be investing in now to garner long-run returns or just to survive!