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Higher for Longer – Markets Could Struggle With the New Reality

The Bank and The Fed have served notice they will remain vigilant – higher for longer! Markets would be wrong to expect early easing. Wage Inflation and Energy remain very real threats over the medium term – it may trigger volatility as markets understand the new reality.

The Phillips Curve – Just How Inappropriate a Economic Tool Is It?

Phillips Curve economics calls for higher unemployment to calm inflation. Great plan says The Bank and Chancellor while consigning millions of UK citizens to penury. We need something better than wrecking lives and the economy.

The UK Housing Market is a metaphor for confidence in the UK economy – and its looking wobbly

The UK housing market is at its’ highest income multiple since the 1850s, at a time when real incomes have flatlined for 2 decades, and mortgage borrowers are levered higher than ever – its set for a wobble, sustained only by supply shortages. If it crashes.. all bets on the UK will need re-examined.

Bank of England confirms sticky inflation and reflation, and the big lesson from the Ukraine war.

Two parts this morning: What the Bank of England actually said, and The Big Lesson from the Ukraine War is simple: “Things are seldom as bad as we fear, but never as good as we hope.” Global geopolitics and markets have taken a knock, but will coalesce around whatever new global links emerge.